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Olivia Somsen

Olivia Somsen is projectmanager at Partizan Publik.

Olivia (1981) studied Cultural Anthropology and has a Masters in Social Geography.  At Partizan Publik she has worked on Movember, Zelfbouw Amsterdam, Groningen aan Zee, the lustrum of the commemoration Februaristaking 1941, and 1GOAL. She is now project manager of the 4th and 5th of May in Amsterdam and has been responsible for the start-up of the Joodse Huizen Project and the Vrijheidsmaaltijd. Olivia's skills range from projectmanagement, research, communications and production to taking care of the chickens at the chicken coop - she is happy to do anything that has a heart to it.

olivia [at] partizanpublik [dot] nl